• March 9th, 2016

A More Sustainable Campus

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PROJECT 1: Making Qatar University a More Sustainable Campus

As the saying goes, sustainability starts in your own back yard — think globally, act locally. In this project, you will have an opportunity to do just that. Your project will help Qatar University become a more sustainable campus.
First, identify a problem and possible solutions. Ask yourself: What is not sustainable at Qatar University, and why is it a problem? You may look at it from all sustainable aspects (what is the impact on economic, social and environmental)? How could Qatar University become more sustainable, and how would Qatar University benefit? I encourage you to look at projects from other universities. Then, design your sustainability project, you may consult campus officials, talk with experts in the area, collect data, perform analyses, investigate similar projects, identify the necessary resources, people, and actions — and strive to implement your sustainability project.
In this process, you will encounter barriers. An important part of the learning process, and a pedagogical goal of this project, is to learn how to identify and overcome barriers, and to adapt when faced with uncertainty and changing conditions.
Products: 1. A professional quality report on your sustainability project (see below general format instructions). Your report should be approximately ten double-spaced pages in length, not including tables, figures, and references. In your report, be sure to emphasize your key findings, and your unique work. For the project, you will work in groups of 4 or 5 student. 2. You will make oral presentations of your work on March 27 3. The final report is due the same day of the presentation (i.e. March 27)

General Format for Sustainability Project Report
Please prepare your report to cover each of these six main sections. You do not need to address each and every question directly, but rather use them as a basis for developing your reports. Feel free to discuss additional topics within each section.

– Executive Summary 1-2 pages. Highlight main findings, benefits, results, and recommendations.

A) Project Definition and Motivation  What is not sustainable at Qatar· University?  Why is this a problem?·  Why would Qatar University· benefit from being more sustainable in this area?  What are other· campuses doing? What can we learn from them?  Perform initial· sustainability assessment.  Determine purpose and scope of project,· and its relationship with other projects at Qatar University.

B) Sustainability Plan Development How could Qatar University be made  Develop “visions” and discuss·more sustainable in this area?  alternatives.  Investigate and highlight results from other campuses· (if relevant).  Obtain baseline information. Discuss data sources.· · Develop, analyze, and prioritize alternatives.  Discuss feasibility,· advantages and disadvantages, benefits and costs.  Narrow down· alternatives to one strategy that is most promising.  Emphasize· benefits and cost savings:  Why would Qatar University benefit from· this sustainability strategy?  What opportunities and cost savings· would Qatar University gain?

C) Sustainability Plan Implementation  Develop a plan for· implementation.  What needs to be done? How feasible is it?·  What· incentives need to be created? What barriers exist?  What are Qatar· University’s strengths and weaknesses that will affect the feasibility of implementing this plan?  What are the goals of this sustainability· plan?  How could Qatar University monitor progress toward these goals?·  Identify the resources needed (·e.g., financial resources, people, materials or technologies, expertise, cooperative agreements, further research) in order to implement the plan.  Also, identify the key players and their roles in the· implementation of your plan.

D) Results and Future Recommendations  Be specific. Be able to back up· your recommendations.  Elaborate upon the main points in your· Executive Summary.  Discuss benefits and possible barriers. Where can· Qatar University go from here? Appendices Provide data, maps, references, resources, etc.

Eliminate wordiness, including most adverbs (“very”,·Some Tips:  “clearly”).  Use specific, concrete language. Use precise language and· cite specific examples to support assertions. Avoid vague references (e.g., “this illustrates” should be “this result illustrates”).  Use scientifically accurate language.· For example, you cannot “prove” hypotheses (especially with just one study). You “support” or “fail to find support for” them.  Rely· primarily on paraphrasing, not direct quotes. Direct quotes are seldom used in scientific writing. Instead, paraphrase what you have read. To give due credit for information that you paraphrase, cite the author’s last name and the year of the study (Smith, 1982).

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