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A Framework for a Cloud-based Virtual Learning Environment for the Higher Education System in Saudi Arabia

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proposal should contain this structure :
Proposal structure

Your research proposal should normally include the following information, but this may vary according to which school you are applying to:


A working title of your research; this will change over the course of your research as your project develops but it is good to have a starting point.

Introduction and literature

Set the scene of your research clearly. Show that you understand the research area and have started to develop an understanding of your research topic. Review current literature related to your intended project to demonstrate understanding of the subject.

Make sure that you:
•show awareness of current knowledge and debates
•make reference to key articles and texts
•demonstrate your own expertise gained from previous study or employment

If you have identified academics involved in your research area you should contact them to discuss their work. This would be a good opportunity to get further advice about your proposal and to potentially start building a supervisor relationship.

It is your chance to explain where there is a gap in current understanding while leading on to how your original research can push knowledge forward.

Objective of your research

Your research aims show the overall purpose of your study and need to be carefully considered. Keep your research proposal concise, focus on one or two key research aims and then plan how research questions can achieve the aims. This will help you, and potential supervisors, to determine if they are achievable during your research degree.


Consider how you intend to carry out your research, and address this in your proposal.

•what type of data do you require, for example qualitative, quantitative or a combination of both.
•how are you going collect and then analyse the data?
•how will these methods address your research aims, relating to current literature?

If you are applying for practice-led research you should explain why you decided to do so and provide evidence of your previous experience, or how you can develop your skills in this area.

Expected outcomes

Explaining potential outcomes shows you have thought through your research and why it should be undertaken. This may include how your research builds on current knowledge and what new understanding you will bring to your field.

Research questions
provide an overview of your research question, explaining why it is of academic and or practical importance

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