• April 11th, 2016

A Case Study on Vale Oman

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

The case study will be about your own organisation. (Vale Oman)

1. Analyse the external factors that influence your organisation’s development from an international perspective, using the PESTEL analysis and one other strategic tool (SWOT). (25%)

2. Identify PESTEL factors in international business affecting your organisation’s employment markets? Critically examine how they are impacting on your organisation’s employment strategy. (25%)

3. Based on your analyses in questions 1 & 2 above, propose a strategy for your organisation that you feel would be better for its future. (25%)

4. Assess your organisation’s business survival and development against the backdrop of the international financial background and environment. (15%)

5. Make recommendations for improvement based upon your conclusions, clearly stating how they can add value to the organisation. (10%)

6. References to appropriate and relevant academic sources.

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