• March 2nd, 2016


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Please find attached all the necessary notes which will help you complete the work. I have named the pictures sent by a couple of friends as (1.1,1.2,….1.10 & 2) so I hope it will come in handy. Other considerations: – Are projected cash flows certain? If not calculate Expected Net Present Value (ENPv) – Deduct tax from cash flows – Depreciation is not allowed when calculated profit against which tax is paid. Add the depreciation if its deducted but remember to deduct any capital allowances. These reduces the profit and thus the company pays less tax. – Inflation / Cost of borrowing / Gearing – Opportunity cost – If you choose one investment then the opportunity cost is the other opportunities you are unable to take advantage of. Also, the calculations are to be shown in the appendix. furthermore, there are files which has assignment requirement and notes and you can in zip file other documents which would help you in writing

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