• March 2nd, 2016

Argumentative Thesis; The Ethical Choices in What We Eat and The Climate Crisis At the End of Our Fork

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EN106 asks you to produce an academic essay—an essay anchored by an argumentative thesis, supported by creative and persuasive arguments gleaned from close reading, and polished for professional tone and accurate in-text citation. In this essay, you will be asked to produce an essay with a clear thesis, persuasive supporting arguments, a logical organization, and writing that is free from major errors. You will be responsible for incorporating material from at least two of the essays (The Ethical Choices in What We Eat and The Climate Crisis At the End of Our Fork); You will need to include appropriate in-text documentation for each reference (using MLA); however, you are not required to compose a Works Cited or References page. To complete this essay, Each of these essays addresses a common theme, which you will no doubt pick up on as you read. In order to write your essay, you will need to identify a specific conversation that is common to at least two of the essays. After reading rhetorically, you should craft your own working thesis that makes a contribution to that conversation, and begin to think about how you will structure your essay. Your thesis must articulate your own contribution to the conversation, not simply reiterate arguments made in the readings, and your essay should be developed with clear references to the essays you have read. Length: Approximately 500-800 words. Style/Format: Include appropriate MLA References: The final essay will include references to at least two of the assigned readings. Such references will utilize quotation or paraphrasing, and they will include correct MLA citations. Titles: Include a descriptive title at the beginning of your essay that tips your readers off to your thesis.

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