• March 2nd, 2016

Policies, Practices, & Resources

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The assignment is relatively practical, and accessible. The purpose is to identify a policy (at any level – recall that we discussed examples such as federal policies, state policies, institutional policies, and departmental policies) that has an effect on women in higher education and to explain it in clear terms to the reader. If you are picking a narrow policy at the institutional level or smaller, you may need to compare and contrast that policy across a few colleges and universities to have enough content to think deeply about.

The idea is for you to become very familiar with the policy(ies), and to think about whether you see it as an effective or ineffective policy, how it may positively and/or negatively affect women’s experiences in higher ed, what some challenges in implementation and enactment might be, etc. The reader should understand the policy and also learn something about your professional assessment or critique of how effective or ineffective the policy might be, as well as what else you might suggest towards promoting positive change for that particular issue.

The broad aims of the assignment is that you spend some time exploring and thinking about different policies, and conceptualizing how policies are an important component of the research-practice-theory trifecta.

For issues affecting the access, equity, and success of specific populations within postsecondary contexts, practical solutions are of central importance. While theory and research ideally inform practices, understanding how to develop and implement effective strategies for supporting women in higher education is one of the goals of this course. Each student will explore practice-based resources that inform or serve a specific population or problem. Such resources might include:
• Campus policies or offices
• Newsletters, websites, and blogs
• Subcommittees or groups within professional and academic organizations
• Networks outside of or across individual institutions
• Books & book chapters
• Independent organizations and companies
• Reviews of effective campus climates and cultures.

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