• March 2nd, 2016

Film & Theater studies

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using a selection of 5th century Attic performance and staging conventions or conventions of composition, prove adherence in your choice of Greek tragedy whose plot features the Trojan War or the film “Troy”; or prove using evidence from the text and other research sources that certain conventions were not adhered to in your choice of play or film – compare and contrast using evidence from plays and secondary sources, female characters from certain plays (for example, how do the female characters express goals, display motivation, test ethics, exhibit strong character? Clytemnaestra, Cassandra, Lysistrata, Thais, Miranda, the village women in Fuenteovejuna?) – prove how Shakespeare’s Tempest was influenced by classical ideals and/or Medieval dramatic ideology – find similarities between the characters of Fuenteovejuna or Pierre Pathelin; find evidence to connect these characters with their roots in Roman or Italian Comedy – examine the AGON = courtroom section in various plays from Antiquity to Golden Age of Spain – document the connection between any play and the specific politics/religion of its day; for example, Fuenteovejuna – war and politics in Renaissance Spain – compare moveable and/or fixed stages from two different countries during the Middle Ages – actors were ostracized in similar ways at different times in different countries; compare and contrast how (and why) actors were treated in Medieval Italy and in Elizabethan England – study the female playwrights in medieval Germany: Hroswitha of Gandersheim, or Hildegard de Bingen

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