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Project Management Methodology Report | UK US Essays
  • March 2nd, 2016

Project Management Methodology Report

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As a project manager with a recently acquired Master degree you have been tasked by your director, who is very keen to achieve project management maturity for your company, to provide a report on creating and implementing a project management methodology (PMM) by reviewing its potential benefits and limitations. You must state briefly the type of organisation, the sector and region it operates in that you are using in the introduction section to contextualise your analysis. Part-time/distance learning students should base their report on their company of employment, full-time students could base it on an organisation that they have previously worked for or one they would like to work for.
Your review must be supported by academic research typically found in peer reviewed journals (See “readings & links” in GCU learn) and publications from PM professional bodies.
Your analysis will need to highlight the main components relevant to your chosen organisation by providing a brief justification. You should also discuss the key role which the project manager has on the successful implementation of the PMM and how you will minimise scope creep.

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