• March 2nd, 2016

Financial Research Report on Apple Inc.

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

1. Write a 14 page financial research paper on Apple Inc.

2. Use high-quality peer-reviewed academic journal citations. The following resources that can be used are shown on the uploaded document.

3. Their are five (5) questions that have to be answered. Concerning question #3 the five (5) financial ratios for Apple Inc., that will be used are current ratio, quick ratio, cash ratio, earnings per share, and price earnings ratio. Please ensure that the PAST THREE (3) YEARS OF THE SELECTED FINANCIAL RATIOS ARE ANALYZED.

4. Ensure that the questions are answered from the perpective of a financial manager that is researching investments for their client.

5. Question #4 has to answered from the investor’s point of view.

6. Do not use power point to explain anything unless it is specifically reference in the paper.

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