• March 2nd, 2016

Literature Review

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Reflect on your clinical experience and try to identify an issue that was clinically problematic.

Perhaps consider your own area of clinical interest (eg paediatric, cardiac, oncology) and speak with staff who specialise in that area; they may have ideas.

Specific questions which might be worth considering:

  • Handover
    • What is nurses’ preferred handover method?
  • Vitals signs
    • Why are vital signs not routinely measured in the acute setting?
    • Why is respiratory rate the neglected vital sign?
    • Do nurses in acute settings value METs?
    • Why don’t nurses routinely call METs when needed?
  • Hand washing/infection control
    • Why don’t nurses/clinicians routinely wash their hands?
  • Pulse oximetry
    • Do nurses know how to use pulse oximetry?
  • What are nurses’ experiences of unexpected patient deaths?
  • Pain
    • What is acute pain poorly managed in the hospital setting?
    • Is aromatherapy/acupuncture effective in controlling chronic pain?
  • Research utilisation
    • Why don’t nurses routinely utilize research in their clinical practice?
  • Do nurse/patient ratios affect outcomes in the acute setting?
  • Are hip protectors effective in reducing the severity of falls in elderly patients?
  • Medications
    • What are the drug calculations skills of RNs?
    • What factors contribute to medication errors in specific clinical settings?

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