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Assessment Task

“The multinational and the global corporation are not the same thing. The multinational corporation operates in a number of countries, and adjusts its products and practices in each – at high relative costs. The global corporation operates with resolute constancy – at low relative cost – as if the entire world (or major regions of it) were a single entity; it sells the same things in the same way everywhere.”

Levitt, T (1983) The globalization of markets. Harvard Business Review, May-June, 1983, Vol.61, p.92-102.

By reference to academic literature, critically evaluate this perspective on international marketing. For an identified organisation – preferably, the one within which you work, or an organisation of your choice – assess its implications for making international marketing management decisions.

You can compare and contrast your chosen organisation with other organisations to demonstrate particular points, and to illustrate key concepts with practical examples.

You are required to produce an essay that demonstrates your understanding of key aspects of international marketing theory. The essay should be of relevance to the organisation of your choice and be of in interest to the managing Director (or equivalent).

The essay should have:
• a sound theoretical and conceptual perspective, containing evidence of critical debate with reference to appropriate academic literature.
• an effective practical foundation.

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