• March 1st, 2016

Bitcoin was designed and implemented in 2009 by a Japanese programmer, reputedly Satoshi Nakamoto (‘reputedly’ because the real name of the inventor is uncertain).

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

  1. topics question is too longer than maximum allowed, please look at my upload files -in coursework files. there are five topics, the first topic about bitcoin is my choice.
    2. this coursework should include introduction, literature review, methodology (linear regression) using Stata software and excel, data analysis and conclusion. please look at my upload files-coursework in (picture and video files)
    3. all excel files, and Stata files should be saved and send it to me. all these should be submitted to teacher for assessment.
    4. References should be all journals and data should come from formal official website, thinking about how other authors do the empirical analysis in reading.
    5. It is not good enough to merely focus on one particular aspect of one of the five big optics/themes given to you. *YOU* yourself have to come up with a research question – *and* you will only do that through undertaking a literature search.
    6. please look at my uploaded additional files, this is important, otherwise the coursework will not be pass.

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