• March 1st, 2016

A Real Life Short Story

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Please write an original short story according to the instructions in the attachment. Let me know in case you have any questions/concerns.

A Real Life Story

We often share stories about things that have happened to us with friends or co-workers. Think of something that happened to you (or to a friend) that would make a good story. Please write a realistic short story that is at least 5 paragraphs long. (No outside citations needed.)

  • Make sure your story deals with something that could happen in real life. Your story may be completely fictional, or you may write a story about something that actually happened to you or to someone you know.
  • Make sure your plot contains a series of events with a specific beginning, middle, and end.
  • Make sure your story includes detailed description of the setting (where and when the story takes place), the characters (the people involved), and the plot (the events that happened).
  • If your characters talk to each other, include properly paragraphed and punctuated dialogue.
  • Use a consistent point of view; either first person or third person.
  • Use a literary device such as foreshadowing, flashback, symbolism, allusion, irony, or conceit.

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