• March 1st, 2016

Sustainable Australian business essay

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**The brand is Australian Sustainable brand called “Limedrop”

Outline a product or service description to be developed by “Limedrop. This product/service should specifically address the sustainability challenge in a meaningful way.
Address each of the key areas covered in this semester’s coursework. (Note: not all areas will be of relevance to your product/service, but you are required to discuss why you have chosen not to focus on any area outside your scope.)
Exam format
Statement of intent
Materials and fabrication
Sustainable design techniques
Sourcing and manufacturing
Supply chain sustainability
Packaging and transport
Transparency, certification and accreditation Marketing and consumer behaviour
Use and end of life

utline a product or service to be developed by the brand. In this case, it means that the essay should suggest a new product or service to be offered by “Limedrop”

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