• March 1st, 2016

Investment and Development in Latvia

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Part A

By analyzing IT industry reports and company-level data you identified website building and web hosting services provider Weebly as a company that may potentially be interested in setting up an IT development unit in Latvia. Knowing that Latvia has a pool of experienced IT developers, favorable business environment and attractive labor costs you reckon the country could be a great fit for a fast-growing IT businesses like Weebly.
Your task is to “contact” one of high-level decision-makers at Weebly and to set up a conference call to discuss business opportunities for IT companies in Latvia. Please answer the following questions/complete activities:
1) Draft an example of a cold email (up to 200 words) that you would send in this situation.
2) Which positions (e.g. CEO, business development manager, marketing manager, etc.) within the company would you target in this case? Name 3-5 positions that your cold email could be addressed to.

Part B

Investment and Development Agency of Latvia conducted 3 outbound lead generation campaigns in 2015. Over the course of these proactive outreach campaigns 450 small (< EUR 99 m annual turnover), mid-sized (EUR 100 – 499 m) and large (> EUR 500 m) businesses headquartered in US, Germany or China were contacted with a proposition to discuss business expansion opportunities in Latvia.

All contacted companies fall into 4 activity groups:
1) Programming activities
2) Manufacturing of textiles
3) Manufacturing of electronics
4) Manufacturing of pharmaceuticals

The results of these outreach campaigns are grouped into 4 categories:
1) No response (we did not receive any response from the contacted company)
2) Responded – not interested (the company has responded but is not interested in Latvian business opportunities)
3) Responded – follow up after a year (the company is not interested at this point but may consider Latvia later. Investment and Development Agency of Latvia is planning to contact this company again after 1 year)
4) Responded – call scheduled (we were able to schedule a call with one of company’s representatives to discuss business opportunities in Latvia)

By analyzing this Excel summary, identify 3-5 findings. Then, review and summarize them in a 250-word max. brief.

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