• March 1st, 2016

Evolution Fossils and Cast

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your assignment: (a) Find and examine all the fossils ( and museum quality casts [MS) displayed and indicated in the Jurica Nature Museum (b) Select one (only) specimen – a cast or type of fossil. Go on- line or use books to find information about tbis specimen. Write a short description (about one page) of that fossil or cast — and its ecological niche (where it lived, diet, predators, way of life). Howlong ago did it live?

(1) Tully Monster, Tullimonstrum gregzriuim (F•): (be ‹›fficial Illinois State Fossil)

(2) and (3) Fishes J): Note especially Eusthenopteron (a fish-amphibian intermediate) and Knightia (e
sardine-like fish that lived in the shallow seas of Wyoming).

(4) Modern Crinoid specimen (top shell) and Crinoid fossil ) (lower shelf). This ‘sea lilly’ looks like a plant but is actually an enimal. How has it changed over time?

(6) Triceratops (MC!) st and Edmontosaurus (F) femur

(7) Ichthyosaur (MC) a reptile that looked and funcdoned like a porpoise does today and…
Pterosaur (FC!) a flying reptile an‹1…
Dinosaur footprints (NJ

(8) Arnhaeopteryx lithographina (MC): a structural intermediate between dinosaur-like reptiles and birds. What are the reptilian features and what arc the bird features of this animal?

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