• March 1st, 2016

Risk and hazard management

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This is the principle assessment of the module and is essentially a piece of individual project work to run throughout the year.

During the module you will learn about many different methods for assessing risks in different contexts. Your task is to perform some of these assessments for yourself, in order to gain the experience to judge the spectrum of tools available. Some methods are of course more rigorous than others and the breakdown below shows how the marks will be divided amongst them.

1) Ticklist 5
2) SWOT 5
3) Fishbone diagram 5
4) Bowtie diagram 5
5) Risk ranking (from ticklist, with overall risk matrix) 10
6) FMEA 10
7) Fault tree (with structure function) 10
8) Reliability block diagram 10
9) Event tree 10
10) Comparative cost Benefit Analysis 10
11) Optimum budget allocation analysis 10
12) A reflective comparison of the methods in your portfolio 10

You should select a hypothetical place to risk assess – you are not (unfortunately) insured or cleared to inspect a real premises full of risks. Each of the above methods should agree and relate to the same place, and the assessment should be SPECIFIC to that place.
Examples: Hotel, train station, art gallery, university building, stadium.


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