• January 31st, 2016


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During the course of the nineteenth century, music became infused with nationalistic elements, most notably, perhaps, in opera. Watch the three YouTube videos identified below, and discuss how each performance reflects a particular national sensibility, in your perception. You can mention such elements as the language, the type of opera, and the staging of the performance in your discussion.


1.Arthur Sullivan, “When the Foeman Bares His Steel,” from Pirates of Penzance. http://youtu.be/iAc5Z89SjH8


2.George Bizet, “Chanson Bohème,” from Carmen. http://youtu.be/1MR9mTAlf5I


3.Giuseppi Verdi, Triumphal March, from Aida. http://youtu.be/l3w4I-KElxQ


**In the citations within the body of your narratives, include page numbers as well, especially from the materials that I had attached which is from the book “Barbara Russano Hanning”(concise History of Western Music, 5th ed.)**

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