• January 31st, 2016


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this is the assignment:


  • Write a C program that simulates a different version of Unix’s diff command (to be called newdiff.c). For example, given two text files file1.txt and file2.txt:


newdiff flag file1.txt file2.txt




o Zero (0) if the two files are exactly identical


o -1 if either one of the two files is missing or cannot be opened, or an illegal flag value is used. Provide an explanation of the encountered error.


o A positive integer indicating:


  • the number of characters that are different in the two files (if c flag is used)



  • the number of words that are different in the two files (if w flag is used)




Example output would look like:


Files contain 15 different characters.


o Hint: Use C’s functions string.h to manipulate character arrays and carefully read my LectureC tutorials 6 and 10


Note: please if you do not get it ASK me from the beginning!!

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