• January 31st, 2016

Earth Radiation Budget and Climate

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

– start off by discussing some brief information about the topic

– Talk briefly about the association Earth radiation budget and hemispheric asymmetry in tropical rainfall pattern.

– State the main purposes of this experiment, which are 1) verifying that variations between the hemispheres can lead to significant changes in the climate. 2) focusing on how the variations in energy distribution between the North and South Hemispheres can cause vital changes in atmospheric and oceanic circulation. 3) how hemispheric asymmetries can alter the position of the Inter Tropical Convergence zone. 4) checking how realistic the model simulations are.

-Finally discussing the main motivations, which are: 1) limited amount of research covering this topic, 2) understanding climatic and oceanic variations in the next centuries can be helpful for both human lives and economy. (add more if possible).

– Emphasise the motivation and main purposes.

-use scientific articles and books for the references only! (such as IPCC reports)

– please write about 300 to 400 words.

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