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Critical Thinking

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Part One


Children’s Aid Society placed two teenage brothers, 17 and 18 years old, in a group home. Their biological aunt and uncle adopted them when they were three and four years old because their mother was unable to care for then due to her drug and alcohol dependency. The boys were caged for 13 years, deprived of food, sanitation, and nuturance. In January 2004, their adoptive parents pleaded guilty to forcible confinement, assault with a weapon, and failure to provide the necessities of life.


How do you think their mental, physical, and emotional growth may have been affected by this confinement, neglect, and abuse? How would the theories of Freud, Erikson, Brofenbrenner, Piaget, and Vygotsky support or not support your views?


Part Two


Based on research conducted in the 1970s, the concept of mother-child bonding took a very specific meaning in the maternity wards of hospitals. Health-care professionals were encouraged to provide skin-to-skin contact between mothers and babies immediately after childbirth, believing the first minutes of life to be a critical time for mother-infant bonding. Subsequent studies have suggested that the nature of the hospital experience was not a meaningful predictor of long-term attachment between mothers and their babies. These studies suggest that the concept of bonding was much more complex than the hospital experience.


Why do you think the skin-to-skin bonding would have such popular appeal? What other factors foster attachment between caregiver and infant?




Remember to use proper APA formatting in your assignments. This means submitting a paper that is double-spaced with 1″ margins in all sides. 11pt. Calibri font is recommended. You must also include a page header (or “running head”) at the top of every page, as well as a title page. Review the Proper APA Formatting page in the Introduction portion of this unit.


Use the following rubric to understand the expectations and prepare your assignment.


Critical Thinking Rubric


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