• January 31st, 2016

socioeconomic effect of how children develop a lifetime in art

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At least 25-28 slides are required, including no more than 5 illustrations or picture slides. Use a theory to support your presentation. Suggestions for coping skills (including therapeutic artistic engagement or interventions) must be included. Aside from the PowerPoint file submission, you will need to deliver an actual PowerPoint presentation (at least 2 or 3 times) to your friends or family members and add your reflections on those 4 presentation experiences. You will also need to provide relevant sources on the topic. rubric: Context and Purpose Demonstrates a thorough understanding of the assignment’s context and purpose. Is responsive to the assigned task and focuses on all elements of the work. Content Development Uses thorough and compelling content to describe a child/adolescent’s art from developmental perspectives, conveying the writer’s understanding of the significance or purpose of the art. Background Information & Observation of Art Making Process Uses thorough and compelling content to illustrate the background of the child/adolescent’s art making process. The paper includes clear information about the child’s age and gender. Information on the child’s social, cultural, educational, and/or personal factors are included. Theories of Child Development Uses thorough and compelling content to illustrate artistic development theories. Reflects the writer’s understanding of how children’s drawing relates to intellectual, social, emotional growth and kinesthetic expression. Critical Self-Reflection Thoroughly analyzes and evaluates the artistic development theories to consider the child’s cultural and social influences. Carefully evaluates the relevance of these contexts when presenting the writer’s own position. Organization and Formatting Demonstrates detailed attention to and successful execution of organization/formatting. Presents well developed Consent /Assent Forms Sources and Evidence Demonstrates skillful use of high-quality, evidence-based, relevant sources to develop ideas that are appropriate for APA writing style. Control of Syntax and Mechanics Uses appropriate language that skillfully communicates meaning to readers with clarity and fluency, and is virtually error-free. Meets the page limit of 6 pages.

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