• January 30th, 2016

Intermodal freight-commercial and environmental aspects

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Intermodal freight transport is largely resident in the private (or at least the commercialised)
sector, where profitability is the primary need.
However, the Liverpool2 development (Peel Ports 2016), and the proposed services which will
use it, are predicted also to deliver environmental benefits.
The purpose of this assignment is to appraise the linkage between commercial and
environmental success, with appropriate reference to the experience of the EU’s Marco Polo
programme (EC 2014)

Coursework Specification and Corresponding Marks
Your task is to:
Analyse the commercial and environmental benefits which are predicted to emerge fromŸ
the Liverpool2 development
Compare these with the benefits which have resulted from Marco PoloŸ
Conclude with an assessment of whether a commercially-driven project is better placed toŸ
deliver environmental benefits than a publicly-funded scheme

Your work should be presented in academic report format. This should have a concise introduction, present your facts in a logically structured way, incorporate an analysis/discussion section where you consider the points you have put forward, and present your conclusions

All references should be electronic and available. It should be easily accessed by me. Please don’t use references that require payment to access for example.

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