• January 30th, 2016

Annotated bibliography on cardiologist

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

– MLA formatting
– Proper MLA header
– 12-point size
– Times or New Times Roman font
– Double-spaced
– Hanging indents
– No extra spacing between paragraphs
– Microsoft Word document (either .doc or .docx)
– Proper Margins (allow Word’s let default to be your guide)
– 10-15 Sources
– Proper Academic Sources
– At least three journal articles
– At least three web sites
– When using a web source, validate the source and author
– At least two books
– At least two interviews
– No Wikipedia
– No blogs unless author has credentials
Grammar and Spelling:
– Proper Grammar
– Correct Spelling
– Proper Punctuation
– Proper Capitalization
– Detailed synopsis of source
– Description of how you will use the source in the paper/presentation
– No quotes from the source
– All writing must be yours
– Citations should not be longer than your annotation

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