• January 30th, 2016

Early Literacy

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Your article should be 3-5 paragraphs in length (Minimum 450 words) Provide a description of what language development is and what literacy means. What are social pragmatics? How is this connected in children birth – 5? Discuss what teachers should know about language development and its connection to early literacy skills. Talk about the types of activities that should be provided in a typical preschool day to support language development. Talk about the intentionality of planning that should occur with these types of activities. Yes…they occur naturally in lots of ways, but why should teachers really make it a point to include specific activities? Talk about the short term effects, but also talk about the long term connection to early literacy. At least 2-3 concrete classroom ideas must be named AND described. Describe it in detail – avoiding using general ideas. Then, discuss how the activity relates to and provides a base for literacy. Include a list of 2 websites (must be websites that were not included in your course materials) that teachers can use to help teachers learn more about the connection of language and literacy. Provide the name of the website, a short description of what they will find, and the link. The link must take me directly to the page, not to a general homepage. The description should be 1-3 sentences in length. I.e.: Literacy Website for teachers At this website you’ll find many resources on incorporating language and literacy into your home environment. The website provides a list of materials as well as pictures and anecdotes to really illustrate the points. website address List any outside resources (in APA Style in a reference list) you used for your newsletter (No need to list course resources that were used). You will post your newsletter using the Blog feature. You’ll only be able to see your group’s Blog to keep it from being overwhelming. The Blog feature works much like the discussion board. If you need a short tutorial on using Blogs, click here. While you are not required to comment on each other’s blogs for your grade, your feedback and suggestions to one another are encouraged. You will receive your feedback from me in the grade center so be sure to look for it!

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