• January 30th, 2016

Crime in the United States

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Crime in the United States Objectives Explain how statistics are gathered for major crimes Identify sources of crime statistics Compare and contrast Part I offenses versus Part II offenses Examine four key demographic factors in the collection of crime data Assignment Overview This writing assignment explores the differences in crime statistics in two similarly-sized cities. Deliverables A two-page ( 500-word) paper. ALL ASSIGNMENTS MUST INCLUDE A REFERENCE LIST IN APA FORMAT OR THEY WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Step 1 Research crime statistics. Pick one of the following crimes: Personal/Violent Crimes Murder Forcible rape Robbery Aggravated assault Property Crimes Burglary Larceny Motor vehicle theft Arson Find statistics for this crime in your hometown and in one other city of similar population size. As part of your research, examine the four key demographic factors in the collection of crime data. Step 2 Write a paper. Prepare a two-page paper comparing statistics from the different cities and address the following questions as part of your report: What are the differences? Why might they be different? Have the statistics changed over time? Include a reference list in apa format.

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