• January 30th, 2016

Essay about Stitching Narrative and Research natural science

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Write an essay, it must be a minimum of four pages long; it must be turned in through SafeAssign in Blackboard; it must be double-spaced; it must be composed in 12 point Times New Roman Font; and it must follow all other MLA formatting guidelines. For information on these guidelines, see A Writer’s Reference, which is a required textbook for this course.
This assignment must be narratively  organized; it must tell a story about an experience you had with a researchable dimension of nature. Stories have two main components: summary and scene. It is better to write scene than summary in short assignments like this one. Don’t tell us what happened, show us what happened. You could focus on a thunderstorm you witnessed as a child, the logging job you had last summer, or the time you went fishing with your drunk brother and you had to save him from drowning. Remember that these essays should have a point. You are attempting to make the reader feel or believe the importance of this event. The purpose of the scientific research you will incorporate into the essay is to help you make that point. In other words, Why this event? Why is this moment important to you?

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