• January 29th, 2016

Narrative Essay

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This mini-essay is not only for practice in the writing process and creative thinking, but it is also worth 10% of your overall essay grade, just because it is shorter in length and a more relaxed topic does not mean that you should slack on the effort. Think of this as your first impression essay!

There are two very important parts to a narrative essay: description and purpose. Without description/imagery, the reader is incapable of entering the experience, and if there is no purpose, why narrate at all? Once your topic is chosen, question why it is important to tell this tale? Are you trying to make a statement in regards to a bigger, more global issue? Narrating your last Thanksgiving dinner with family is lovely, but what is the bigger picture?

A few tips to remember:
-The language and description of your essay should be relevant to the story you are telling. If there is dialogue, dialect, accent, be sure to include those particulars to enhance your characters. Do not forget setting, are there multiple, just one? Bring us (your readers) there!
-Be organized, use a clear and concise timeline.
-Use your senses! Show rather than Tell!

3-5 full pages
Times New Roman
12 point font, double-spacing
1” margins
You MUST have a title, and a creative one at that—“Narrative Essay” is unacceptable!
Stay in the present tense and first person perspective unless this is a memory or a specifically stated time period.

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