• January 29th, 2016

Urban ecology and urban ecosystems: understanding the links to human health and well-being

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Assignment: For this class meeting please arrive with the following reflective summary of ONE of the articles provided. Identify the article by its citation at the top of your submission. It should be approximately 2 typed pages, double-spaced, no smaller than 11-point font. ( SUMMARY)

A critical reading summary is typically intended to put forward in a brief way the general ideas of a scholarly essay. It is, however, not simply a summary of the outline of the essay (though I suggest that as a necessary preliminary step in this exercise). This assignment requires that you reflect and consider how the author has assembled their information and created an argument. In this case, it also requires you to consider how the article’s information or position potentially impacts or informs the case study work we are doing on “liveable cities”.

Requirements: For this exercise, you should address the following points or issues:

Identify and state the main ideas of the essay, and the author’s position or point of view.
Include key details and points in the argument.
Are there key words or phrases being used? Make sure you define them
Consider the validity of the argument, and note whether or not you had enough information to understand the points being made.
Close with thoughts on the relevance of the essay to this class and our case studies regarding qualities, issues, or characteristics for “liveability”.

Other things to consider include knowledge of where the article was published and the purpose of that venue; the author’s use of scholarly practices such as footnotes and citations; and how this essay is contextualized within other scholarship on the topic at hand. This latter effort distinguishes a simple summary and personal reaction from a scholarly assessment of a work. We will work on this more throughout the semester.

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