• January 29th, 2016

How companies are using sustainable utilities to have cost reductions?

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A Case Study Format for Managerial Accounting

  1. Document format = APA and same as required in other NGU Graduate work, except titles may differ, as a. Abstract may = Summary b. Required headings = i. Introduction ii. Company Background iii. Problem (Issue, Challenge, Dilemma, etc.) iv. Analysis (Resolution, etc.) v. Recommendations (Proposed Solution, Outcome, Actions etc.)
  2. Required length – 10 pages plus exhibits and references a. Financial statements and major visuals should be in an Appendix and Do Not count toward the 10 page minimum. b. Not more than 1 page of the 10 page minimum should be exhibits c. Financial statements together count as 1 reference d. Data from Annual Reports count as 1 reference
  3. Subject = choose a public company to profile (as you will have access to key data. You can select a company you know but the complexity and access to data may be limited) a. At least 5 preferably 10 years accounting data b. No duplications of companies so get instructor approval of company c. Make sure there is industry data for comparison (does Netflix have direct competitors or similar structured firms?)
  4. The Case Study approach a. Review accounting (and other data) to determine industry type, accounting styles, format of reporting etc.(Remember we are not a tax course, financial accounting course, or SEC shareholder reporting focused class) b. Establish a problem, an innovation, a restatement of earnings in footnotes to financials, a change in accounting principles, a merger or combination that changes accounting setup related to Managerial Accounting c. Continue research to determine how the issue was handled, and d. Recommend your solution or support the company action or critique it Note, often the financial statements and the notes will provide a wealth of info that can be used for a thorough analysis; computation of financial ratios is good, although there must be industry or historical comparison with analysis.

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