• January 29th, 2016

An Air Accident involving Human Factor related to Electronic Flight Management Systems.

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

As a part of your studies of Electronic Flight Management System, you are required to relate the knowledge acquired in class to real world situations. You are therefore required to submit a research-based assignment reviewing an airline accident which highlights human factors issues associated with electronic flight management systems.

You should select an enquiry of an accident which happened due to either Instrument failure or failure of the pilots to correctly analyze the situation and did not anticipate the outcome due to poor knowledge or training on their part. You should clearly show that you understand the aircraft instrument systems.
You will submit a paper which should have two parts.
(a) A brief detail of accident and its enquiry finalization by enquiry board.
(b) Your analysis of why it happened and what could have been done to avert this situation.
Keep the accident detail to minimum, not more than two pages. Your analysis is the main thing I am interested in seeing. Keep it focused on EFMS.
Your submission will carry 10 marks followed by VIVA carrying 10 marks.

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