• January 29th, 2016

Exploring Portrayals of Family Relationships in Literature

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

ENC 1102

Writing Assignment 1: Exploring portrayals of family relationships in literature

Topic: Choose two literary works (for example, one short story and a poem, two short stories, or two poems) that address family issues from Chapter 12 of Literature for Life. Discuss elements that help emphasize the theme, such as characterization, point of view and symbolism. Remember, the elements of a piece of literature work together to create an overall impression on the reader/audience!
Some possible concepts that might help guide your thesis development include–but are not limited to–the following:
• Relationships between parent and child (or more specifically, mother-daughter, family-son, father-daughter, etc.)
• Relationships between siblings
• Children and stepparents or extended family
This writing assignment must be 700-750 words in length. Indicate word count on top of paper (refer to word count at the bottom of your Microsoft Word screen).

• You must discuss at least two works in order to provide illustrations that support your thesis statement.
• In text citations (parenthetical references that appear in the body of your essay) and end citations (bibliography or works cited page) are required.
• You must include at least three direct quotations from the literary work(s) to illustrate your points.
• Your essay must reflect close analysis of the literary work(s) and thorough explanation of all quotations.
The required format for this essay is MLA format:
• Typed
• Double-spaced
• One-inch margins
• 12 point size font
• Times New Roman font only

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