• January 29th, 2016

The Conservative government would like to repeal the Human Rights Act. Burke would be delighted but Paine and Wollstonecraft would be very unhappy. Why?

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“The Task” – answer all of the questions colored in green with short answers. Then start writing the actual essay which is colored in red- Use quotes from actual books and reference them to answer the red question. Remember its not an actual essay, you just have to answer the question. – Check the marking guide to see if you left any mistakes and to make sure that your answer fulfils the question.


Can you find any current examples of Burkean thinking in today’s conservatism?  Do you think that David Cameron is Burkean? (It’s worth putting in a bit of effort here – it will contribute to the next mandatory entry)



Do you think that Mary Wollstonecraft would be happy with the place of women in politics today?  You might like to think about the so-called ‘women’s vote’ and other issues such as parliamentary quotas for women.



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