• January 29th, 2016

Informative essay about facts

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Fact Paper Choose one of your areas of interest discussed in class (can be another topic but keep it simple). Create a n informational essay that uses facts to discuss your topic. These facts could be describe your topic, give a history of your topic, or even predict the future of your topic, but remember to base your argument in fact! The purpose of this paper is to give your reader ( you must have a specific audience) the proverbial “landscape ” of your topic. You can use other statements that are not fa ct, but they must be properly supported with facts. In order to effectively use facts, you must cite t hem. You need not cite common information e.g gravity exists, but you must cite information you did not obtain yourself e.g. San Jose State was founded 125 years ago. Were you there? No, so tell me how it is you came to know this information. Use your APA guide to formulate in-text references and your reference page. Points Possible Word count & Grammar 10 Argument and use of facts 15 Paragraph structure (5-7 sentences; 1 topic sentence) 15 APA 10 Total points possible 50

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