• January 29th, 2016


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Nursing Philosophies, Models, and Theories Worksheet


Choose a separate philosophy, model, and theory from Nursing Theory and complete the following for each:


  • Name of the individual(s) who developed the philosophy, model, and theory
  • Illustrate the main concept of the philosophy, model, and theory
  • Give an example how you would apply the philosophy, model, and theory in your professional nursing practice setting


Research a minimum of three peer-reviewed journal articles, in addition to Nursing Theory.


Answer the questions provided based on your research.

Complete the grids provided using the information from the textbook and your research.


Format the entire assignment according to APA guidelines where applicable, including in-text citations and reference list.



  1. Define each of the following terms:


  1. Philosophy:
  2. Model:
  3. Theory:
  1. Why are each important to nursing?


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