• January 29th, 2016


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Assignment 2: Project Task 4: Metrics

In your first assignment this week, you chose a goal for the apparel website that you felt needed to be tracked.

For your third project task, you will create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that provides the strategy and analysis behind the metrics and reporting that will best help you determine how well the site is performing in achieving the stated goal. In addition, you will create the overall strategy to achieve this particular goal.


Complete the following:

  • Recommend at least five metrics for tracking the analytics goal you created in Project Task 3.
  • Using specific examples, explain why each metric is important for tracking the goal.
  • Create a plan for the overall layout of the website. Specify the following:
    • Describe the stated goal.
    • Describe strategies (at least two) that will be used to encourage user action needed for the company to achieve the stated goal.
  • Create an Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) code for at least two different campaigns to drive users to the web page.

Create a presentation with the highlights on the slides and detailed explanations of each slide’s content in the speaker’s notes area.


Ensure the following:

  • Your assignment should be 10 slides long.
  • Use proper MLA formatting.
  • Save your assignment as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation attached to your post in the Discussion Area.
  • Name your document AI_ADVA407_W3_A2_Lastname_Firstinitial.ppt.

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