• January 29th, 2016


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Schoenberg, “Pierrot Lunaire” op. 21 (1910)
Listen to songs 8 through 14, from “Night” to “The Crosses” (the track numbers correspond to the song numbers). Read the texts in English translation here:
http://www.da-capo.org/html/ PierrotEnglish.html

Consider these seven songs as a unit, as if they formed a cycle of songs or a seven-movement composition all by themselves. How they cohere with one another? What links them, and what is the character of the group as a whole? Or do they not seem to form a unit?

Then, listen closely to TWO of the seven songs (you may choose which two) and give a musical synopsis of each song. I recommend that you choose two contrasting songs for this portion of the assignment. Point out all musical features – instrumentation, intensity, rhythmic elements, texture, register, anything you can identify and describe – and lay out how these features unfold in time. This will wind up being a short aural analysis of the songs.
In answering both aspects of this prompt, be sure to take the text into consideration. But in this case, I am not asking you to demonstrate how the music illustrates the text. Your analysis of the songs should be of the music, with knowledge of the text as a background..

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