• January 28th, 2016

The Effects of Divorce on Preschool Children

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First Submission of Paper and Paper: Use Humble Language and Other Items to Correct Read what you wrote for your First Submission of Paper. How dogmatic were you? Compare how you wrote to the writing of your author(s). Psychologists and scientists write tentatively and try to express themselves humbly. Psy 101 & Psy 102 Students: Reread the Science and Psychology, the Scientific Method, Research Designs, Descriptive Research, and Experimental Research in Psychology, by Licht 1st edition (pages 16-42). Psy 249 Students: Reread What Do Clinical Researchers Do? Putting it…together: A Work in Progress sections in Comer’s Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology, 6th edition (pages 19 and 27-28). Did you write using a tentative, humble voice or were you emphatic or dogmatic? Complete a computer search for these words and if you used them, rewrite in the tentative and humble voice of a scientist: Dogmatic or Emphatic Tentative and Humble Proof, prove, true, truth, truly, It is a fact that… This study seems to suggest… It appears to indicate… The data suggest… It appears to point to…. The findings seem to suggest…. This study seems to suggest… The experiment seems to indicate… This causes… It appears that there may be a relationship or There appears to be a correlation or There is a relationship of r = =.57 Search for the following and make appropriate changes: Search for these Make these corrections The meaning of the experiment… The purpose (aim, focus purpose, etc.) of the experiment was… The idea of the study was… The data seems to suggest… People are very susceptible… People maybe…. or some people… Dr. Smith did a study Dr. Smith conducted a study to… more Increase(d) Look for adjectives (greatly, all everyone, much more, big, largest) and rewrite the sentence. Instead, clearly summarize the information provide by your author(s). Adjectives are rarely used in scientific writing. If you need to qualify something: Search for these Scientist write clearly and factually All, perfect Find the exact quantity in the article and state that Greatly significant results The researchers reported 63% of the participants… A big part… or vast….or a lot…or… huge or massive…. 70% of the subjects… Drugs are very dangerous Alcohol in sufficient quantity can impair judgment There was a large quantity Read your article and summarize the specifics There were countless Read your article and summarize the specifics The controls were tight Summarize how the researchers controlled the variables Many different reasons Summarize them (the article)…talk Articles do not talk…the author(s) stated… Search for and then rewrite: That being said…. In the end… This means that…. Truly….. My thirst for… Pushed me into… …has fueled me to …. …..hit home…. In the world of psychological research… The title of the article piqued my interest I was hooked… I or the scientists loved

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