• January 28th, 2016

Outcome 2

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Outcome 2

Demonstrate the application of algebra and higher mathematics to problem solving in technology areas.


    • Recognize and identify the mathematics used in problem-solving experiences.


    • Apply the fundamentals of mathematics to either course work, job, or other life experiences.


Learning Statements:


  • Write your first learning statement here at the first bullet and use a new bullet for each new learning statement. Remember, you will need a minimum of 3 learning statements for each outcome and each must be supported by evidence.


  • Write your second learning statement here.


  • Write your third learning statement here.


  • For each additional learning statement, use a new bullet.



Evidence to Support the Learning Statements:

  • Tab C-1, Title of Evidence, p. 1-?
  • Tab C-2, Title of Evidence, p. 1-?
  • Tab C-3, Title of Evidence, p. 1-?


Remember, the Title of the Evidence should be exactly the same as you named it up in the learning statement.  When you save the Evidence as a document, make sure to label it as TabC?yourlastname.

Remember, the Evidence is NOT attached to the Outcome. Each piece of Evidence is saved as a separate document, and submitted WITH  the outcome so I can review it.

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