• January 25th, 2016

Social Work and Human Services

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Participants demonstrate their advanced theoretical specialised knowledge of corporate governance and social responsibility through submission of a written academic paper (literature review). They demonstrate their integrated understanding of professional ethical frameworks, as well as providing an analysis of managerial ethical reasoning and perception. Students apply theories, principles and methodologies to access relevant academic journal material and conduct a focused literature review. Students critically analyse, reflect on and synthesise complex ideas and information, and demonstrate specialised knowledge of relevance to contemporary professional practise. Using a SINGLE INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION (which means it has branches all over around the world, asia, Europe, US, etc) of your choice, select two strategic issues that international firms perceive as important factors (e.g. economic, social, cultural, legal and technological and so on) in addressing corporate social responsibility issues and evaluate them from various theoretical perspectives 1,500 words, excluding appendices and reference Assessment Criteria for Individual Project 1: 1. Abstract 2. Introduction = Interesting and complex account to why this topic, what questions need to be addressed, forestaste of original contribution 3. Issue and argument = Most/all relevant points from mainstream literature; uses appropriate structure to resolve issues in convincing argument 4. Conclusion = Evaluation leads to a surprise or original conclusion generating new issues Please read the slides i upload to you and apply the RELEVANT theories to the essay. Kindly ALLOCATE the WORDS accordingly with the MARKS given. PLEASE NOT USE THIS KIND OF SOURCE : Drucker, P. F. (2006). Classic Drucker: essential wisdom of Peter Drucker from the pages of Harvard Business Review. Harvard Business Press. MUST USE ACADEMIC JOURNAL SOURCES ONLY AND PROPER REFERENCING & IN-TEXT CITATION ACCORDING TO APA 6TH EDITION THAT I UPLOAD TO YOU. You have to write in the 3RD Point Of View.

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