• January 25th, 2016

Presentation on primary research paper

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Find one interesting recent (from the last coupl of years) primary research paper from the topics listed below:

– Drug-receptor interactions and the principal methods for receptor identification and characterisation.
– Routes of administration of drugs.
– Physico-chemical and physiological aspects of drug absorption and distribution.
– Pathways of drug metabolism and excretion. Renal clearance and ultra-filtration.
– Principles of drug toxicology and the mechanisms of chemical carcinogenesis.
– The mechanisms of action of neuromuscular, analgesic, anti-depressant, anti-hypertensive and general/local anaesthetic agents will also be discussed.
– cell signalling
– microbe identification

And then, prepare an 8min presentation based on this chosen primary research paper.
Please prepare PowerPoint slides on the topic, without including too much words in the slides. But do prepare a separate text that could be read to complement the slide presentation.

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