• January 25th, 2016

Random Number Generation (RNG)

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The investigation should be about Random Number Generation in video games. For example, in video games when you defeat a monster and get random item drops. Or when you are fighting an enemy and deal random damage. Hence, what is exactly true randomness, because randomness in this case is coded by the game/computer itself and computers follow a completely logical process. Does true randomness in video games even exist even though they claim that its completely random? Also, how do the calculations work that control what item drops you get from defeating an enemy, since some items are very rare and some are common etc.

The investigation should have one main research question with 3 subsequent smaller questions related to the main question to back up the hypothesis/research question. The investigation aims to answer the main research question to a very detailed degree. Conclusion must link back to answering the research question. You are free to choose the main research questions and the subsequent smaller questions. Make sure to state the variables in the research question. Data collection should include graphs as well.

Make sure to use formulas related to probability/statistics since the investigation is about random number generation.

Pseudorandom number generation is something that has to be mentioned in the investigation. Heres an example of it in a game: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pseudorandom_number_generation_in_Pok%C3%A9mon

RNG not truly random, but are called pseudo-random because they generate a number sequence that appears random. This is done with some interesting mathematical formulas. One of the most common is the Linear Congruential Generator. You need to test more of these formulas and include them in the investigation.

Pseudo-random numbers do have one useful property that true random numbers don’t: if you use the same seed when you start you will get back an identical sequence. This can be very handy for testing.

Explanation of the format of the investigation: https://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/17114-mathematics-portfolio-tips-and-queries/

What should be included in the investigation:

– Pseudo random number generators use a seed, a table of predefined constants and mathematical formulas.
– Distributional Tests & Graphical Analysis of Empirical Results
– Conclusion could discuss open problems to this topic: whether or not we have a sufficient number of statistical tests to detect any deviation from randomness

This research paper should be around 12 pages, not including bibliography. Citations should be in MLA format.

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