• January 25th, 2016

Advance Insurance/Reinsurance Broking

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There are 3 courseworks Question 1: provide a brief context for either an insurance broking organisation or a division of an insurance broking organisation with which you are familiar For this organisation or division 1) explain how the existing client service model effects client retention rates 2) analyse the continual challenge of delivering client service excellence at the same time as achieving the financial objectives 3) make recommendations to improve client service which will strength competitive advantage cw2 1) explain thethree most important factors ( other than insure financial security) which influence the selection of insurers 2) analyse the challenges arising from changes in insures financial security 3) make recommendations to – improve the selection of insurers based on thethree most important factors you chose to explain – respond better to the challenges arising from changes in insurers financial security Cw3 1) explain thefour most significant conflict of interest 2) analyse how each of thesefour conflicts of interest is mitigated 3) make recommendations to change business practices to improve the identification and mitigation of conflict of interest

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