• January 25th, 2016

Question 1

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4 short questions that need to be answered. A least 250 words no format needed, it will just be posted on a message board. Need to cite work for each question. Tell weather you agree with each post and add more on to it.

1. thought you might enjoy this article:

4 Ways International Work Experience Helps Entrepreneurs Succeed



2.Thanks for the response. Well-done.  In regards to question number two, you provided good research on the cruise lines response to global disasters and other issues. In addition, to this large scale events, how might the cruise line adapt to ever changing social situation in various nations?  For example, consider the demographic shift in most developed nations. In the US, for example, we have an aging population as people live longer and lead healthier lives longer.

3.Thank you for the contribution to this discussion. In regards, to taxes in Germany, taxes in most EU countries and some other European Countries are high compared to the US.  This is due in part to the socialist nature of these countries. By this I mean they use taxes to improve society-such as free higher education, impeccable roads,low rate of homelessness. With these ideas in mind, do a bit of research on the tax rates and socialist nature of Germany and provide a compare/contrast with the US.  (It can be brief.)

4. Hofested’s Cultural Dimensions, while a bit dated, is still considered one of the most comprehensive studies and theories on culture. Please refer to this website to utilize the theory.

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