• January 5th, 2017

7-3 HR Article Analysis: Downsizing

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One outcome of downsizing must be to preserve the organization′s intellectual capital. Used sparingly and with planning, downsizing can be an organizational lifesaver, but when layoffs are used repeatedly without a thoughtful strategy, downsizing can destroy an organization′s effectiveness. Read the article “Downsizing With Dignity: You Can Downsize With Care—for People and the Business” by Alan Downs. http://humanresources.about.com/od/layoffsdownsizing/a/downsizing.htm This article presents an Executive Summary regarding how to treat people during a downsizing, including both the people who leave and the people who remain. Throughout the article the author mentions different considerations during the downsizing process and the impact on the remaining employees. Utilizing the information presented in this module, summarize an effective downsizing, citing your research on employment law, readings, and your experience. In your article analysis: a. Briefly summarize the article (1-3 paragraphs). b. Identify considerations for the downsizing process. c. Explain the impact of downsizing on employees remaining with the organization. d. Outline the requirements for an effective downsizing, based on readings, research, and your experience.

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