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Human Services

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Visit two different social service waiting rooms: A social service agency and a Unemployment Compensation Office or Workforce Development Office .Compare and contrast each agency by responding to the following:
Observe carefully: then write up your observations and your analysis of what kind of service appears to be being delivered at each place. How might it feel to a person who has come to that office for help? Notice how the receptionists and workers treat the clients, how the clients look and how clients respond to each other and to the staff. Notice the physical conditions of the office and think about what kind of message this sends to the clients. Notice how accessible the office is to variety of clients. Is it within easy reach of public transportation? Is there enough parking spaces? Are there toys and play space for children when parents need to bring them to the office Notice whether information about agency or other programs is available.
Interview a Human Service Worker at both agencies. What is the perceived mission of the agency?   How is the agency funded? What is his or her daily work like? What would he or she like to see improved or changed?

Write up your findings in a report .

Application Assignment Paper 2 ( Case Application to Human Services)

25 points

Imagine you are on welfare. Based on what you know about welfare today, what do you think your life would be like ? Describe your housing, your food, your daily activities and your family and friends. Next identify the services that would be helpful to you. Why did you choose these services?
The second phase of this assignment is, assume you that you have been receiving welfare payments for the past five (5) years and that you are now moving out of the welfare system and into the workforce as dictated by the new welfare reform legislation . Describe the type of support you will need if you are to join the workforce. What will the barriers be? Will you be successful? Why or why not? e

Note: Please make sure you adhere to the guidelines discussed in your course syllabus regarding the proper format and documentation for writing  papers in accordance with APA.

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