• January 27th, 2016


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When you hear the term “nature” ask yourself how you understand the word:

Do I think of physical landscapes, geographical places, and/or environmental issues?
Do I think of nature in terms of the human mind, body, spirit?
If I think about human nature, do I think of the role of education, gender, ethnicity, class?  Work, play, civility?
Do I think of other issues like Las Vegas, Disneyland, zoos, tourism?

In a separate paragraph, describe what you expect to learn from and contribute to this course, focusing on your learning style, work habits, time management, and past ways of contributing in class.

We come with different stories and talents from which all of us can benefit as we explore nature, regardless of how we define it.

So, this is a two-paragraph assignment that does not exceed 300 words (approximately one page of double-spaced script in font 12 Times Roman).

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