• January 27th, 2016

Early Education

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Observe for at least one hour.  If you need a classroom to please let me know so that we can brainstorm ideas.  Arrangements can be made at the Milgard Child Development Center, Garnero Child Development Center, TCC Early Learning Center, or your place of employment if you are currently working in the field. If you do this assignment at your place of employment you will need to arrange a time that you are not responsible for working with or supervising children. The point is to observe, free from work responsibilities.
Your focus will be on behavior guidance as you conduct your observations.  Please review the explanation of guidance ratings.
You will scan and submit your observation chart with one or two paragraphs about your observation experience. If you rated an indicator in the high or low range, provide some insight as to why. What did you see or not see that influenced your rating.

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