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English Composition

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Discussion 3 ~ Your Critical Lenses
After careful review of the Critical Theory Handout and related Chapter Thirty-One, compose a response in which you discuss which critical lens you view what you read. This is most likely a new concept for many of you, so don’t worry; I want you to know that as you develop skills as a critical reader, your opinion on this is likely to change.  This exercise is intended to get you thinking about how you digest information. And remember, you may certainly find that you read and interpret through a number of perspectives. We all do. So discuss which ones you identify with and why.  If you can relate your choice to a particular text you have read (personal reading or in other courses), that’s great.
Discussion 4 ~ Searching for Resources
Actions for Discussion 4 ~ Searching for Resources

In the Discussion forum of this title á respond to each of the following. This post will earn you 25 participation points ( 5 points each).   You may number each response in your thread.
Go to either the library’s home page or my Course Guide and “Get the GALILEO Password.”  Tell us the password and how you retrieved it.
Tell me what type of resource Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë is.
Using the appropriate search engine on the Library’s Home Page, locate this novel: The Devil and Daniel Webster. Tell me which search engine you used, the call number, the author, and explain the location.
Perform a database search for an article by Sarah Gleeson-White titled “A Peculiarly Southern Form of Ugliness:  Eudora Welty, Carson McCullers, and Flannery O’Connor.”  Tell me which search engine you used and what search terms you may have used if you didn’t know the author and title.
Finally, format the Works Cited entry for the journal article in #4.  Use my MLA handout, the OWL at Purdue, or The Little Penguin Handbook. Don’t worry if you cannot set a hanging indent in D2L. I am more concerned that you have the correct elements for the citation in the order and format they should be typed.

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