• January 27th, 2016

Performance and Reliability

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You are the IT manager for a small electronics manufacturer with several valuable technical patents and an emerging international market. You have been tasked with providing a report on the viability of moving the company’s data to the cloud.
Keeping the scenario in mind, research cloud data provenance and process provenance, making sure you address the following points:
Create a strategic plan to move the company’s data to the cloud while still ensuring data security
Explain the differences between cloud data provenance and process provenance
Explain three challenges in managing data in the cloud
List and describe the problems with data access in the cloud and ownership
Give a recommendation on the ability to remain anonymous in the cloud
Explore and recommend a company policy that addresses law enforcement requests and data security
Choose one provider of cloud technology and report on the performance and reliability of its product.
What other ways are there to optimize cloud performance and reliability?

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